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Welcome to Crookservers Support Centre. Efficient customer support is one of our main priorities, that is why we provide a vast array of available support mediums. The below methods are listed in the order of most efficient. The top being most efficient.

Please remember to submit your requests to the appropriate e-mails, addresses, or departments. Please do not submit the same issue to multiple addresses or departments as it will slow down our efficiency to process your request.

We strongly recommend that you use our help desk to get in touch with Crookservers Support Team.

For Sales Enquiries - (Monday - Friday 10AM to 6PM +GMT)
For Technical Support - (Monday - Saturday 10AM to 6PM +GMT)

Please note response times to sales and billing may take slightly longer as priority is always given to existing clients that require technical support assistance.

Crookservers is operated by MUAnetworks Services.
Mirpur AJK

If you have any compalints regarding our services please send us an email at abuse[at] For more information please visit:

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